Spring Gardening Tips: Compost Pile

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Starting a compost pile sounds intimidating, but it is actually very simple because nature wants to break down these components. Farm and care for plants correctly and safely with these spring gardening preparation tips from an experienced farmer in this... View Video Transcript

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Danny Botkin from Laughing Dog Farm back with you again. Today we're going to talk about building a compost pile. That's something that some people find a little intimidating. But the fact is that compost is pretty easy. Nature wants to turn organic matter and roughage into compost, your job is just to layer it in in a way that the oxygen, the water, and the worms and microbes can get at it. So, I'm starting with this partially created compost pile and I'm going to add to it. So, knowing that there's all kinds of potash, and cellulose, and roughage there, I'm going to give it a nice layer of poopy mulch. Poopy mulch being goat bedding that's mixed with hay. You've got the nitrogenous and the carbonaceous already going on. Some people are scientific about their compost, they want to measure a 25 to 1 ratio between nitrogenous, like leaf clippings, food waste, manure. That is the small portion is the nitrogenous and the large portion is the carbonaceous. Other people just build it and see how it works intuitively. So, you see, I'm adding on to that nitrogen, I'm adding all this sorghum, cellulose, and roughage, layering it in. And then on top of that, I'll add a little bit more of this mulch material. Layer it in, maybe a little more of this. Some people will actually put tubes in their compost to allow the oxygen into the interior, but that's not necessary as long as you keep it going, turning. And now, the last step will be to soak it nice and wet, like a rung out sponge.