Best Types of Herbs for Garden: Part 2

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Now for one more perennial herb that I've got here, is very, very easy to grow. You can grow these in the house. These are chives. The fun thing about chives there are all different flavors of chives. There are normal chives, the regular chives we all know but there are also garlic chives which I have to say are delicious. And again, this will grow year round. If you take a piece of your chive plant, you can put it in a pot and grow it inside for the winter. You don't even have to dry them because you can keep them growing year round. If you want to dry them, same routine. Pull them out, hang them up, dry area dark spot. So annual herbs, we have the basil which is again just a spectacular herb. One you can make your own pesto, you can do whatever you want. Fresh basil is just a wonderful thing and your own dried basil is going to be far better than any dry basil you can buy in the store. We have dill and you can have two different versions of it. You can pick the leaves and just have the dill leaves chopped up or you let it go to seed and you have lovely dill seeds that are just wonderful in things to flavor all kinds of dishes. Here is some dill seeds here just coming out. You will need a longer growing season if you want to have dill seeds. Obviously you need to put your plants in early in the season and let them grow. If you just want dill weed, it will come up quite quickly. And then parsley. Parsley again, very easy to grow and you can have flat leaf parsley like this, curly leaf parsley. Again, at the end of the season pull up the whole plant. I just picked some parsley to use but if you want to dry it, pull up the entire parsley plant and hang it upside down.