How to Prepare an Organic Vegetable Garden

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Prepare an organic vegetable garden by starting with a natural compost, blocking the garden off with wood or rocks and cutting off any leaves chewed on by bugs. Prevent bugs from entering a garden by planting strong herbs around the edges of the garden... View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to talk about how to prepare an organic vegetable garden. An organic vegetable garden is any garden that you don't use pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers or chemicals in it. And really, if you think about it, a hundred years ago we didn't use any of those things and plants grew wonderfully. And most of those items we really don't need if we find other options. And so when we're preparing an organic vegetable bed, you want to use really good organic material. And so, good compost made out of leaf clippings, grass clippings, any type of foliage, and any type of even kitchen scraps, is perfect. And branches, anything that's really earthy and organic is wonderful. And you want it to be very airy and not compacted with lots of clay. Even sand added is wonderful, as long as it's a good, earthy material. And then that way the plants will have all the nutrients they need, and they won't need artificial fertilizers. And I always equate an organic garden is the same as our diet. You cannot give an anorexic person vitamins, and expect them to be healthy. You cannot give your vegetables fertilizers and expect them to be healthy if they don't have a good compost base which is full of nutrition. We can live really well with a good diet, and we wouldn't need the vitamins if we had that good diet. Your plants can grow really well in organic material, and they don't need fertilizers, and they won't attract bugs, and then you won't have all those issues if you use organic material. And, also, when you have an organic garden, you can prepare it by just having good compost and blocking it off with wood or rocks, and you can work above it or work right into the soil. And then, you have to just deal with bugs. And you'll find that the bugs don't really eat as much as they think they do. They might just eat....nibble away at some of the leaves, but if you just cut out the leaves as they eat 'em, and make sure that there's not a lot of growth in the bottom, and all the plants are kind of growing upwards, then you'll find that a lot of the bugs won't be the problem that they were before. And by adding thyme or herbs that bugs don't like, you will stop the bugs from coming into your garden, as well. So preparing your organic garden is not really that difficult. It's actually much easier than planting an inorganic garden.