How to Mulch Flowers

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How to Mulch Flowers - Provided by eHow
Adding mulch to flowers helps hold moisture in the soil, keeps the soil temperature cooler and controls the weeds. Mulch flowers with tips from a professional landscaper in this free video on lawns and gardening. View Video Transcript

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I'm Bill Elzey with Showplace Lawns. Let's talk about mulching a plant or mulching a garden bed. Mulch will do three things for you. Mulch will help hold the moisture in the soil, will keep the soil temperature cooler which will help the roots to stay more active and mulch also helps control the weeds or helps keep the weeds down. What we have found at Showplace Lawns is that cedar mulch also is a natural insecticide so we use cedar mulch all the time because now we get four benefits from that instead of just three. Mulch comes two ways, either in bulk form where you can haul it in your pickup or a trailer or in the bag form. Most bags like this one are two cubic feet. To mulch the plant just put the mulch out as thick as you can get it, being careful to get close to the plant but not on it. You want to make sure that plant is free of the mulch itself because it is not the plant you are mulching it is the ground around it. Pack it down. A good way to really make sure you have got a good mulch and get a good bed of mulch would be to put some out, wet it, pack it and put some more mulch on top of it and repeat the same process. Two to four inches of mulch is a good depth to help do the things that you want the mulch to do.