Cactus and Succulent Plants Pot Size

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Learn about the proper pot size you should use for your cactus or succulent plant with tips from an expert in this free gardening clip. View Video Transcript

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Alright, next we're going to talk about pot size. What size pot should we use for our propagation. You can see, our plants aren't too big so we want to get an appropriate size pot, so these are tiny, they're called thimble pots, here it's a very tiny pot. Here's one that's a little bit bigger for our plant, it might be a larger caliber, or this one is like a medium size. And this one I found too, I thought it wasn't too big but I thought it was kind of cute, it's a snail. The only problem I saw is the hole, I thought, was a little too big. One thing we can do to resolve this, cause I think if I put the sand in, it's just gonna fall, it's gonna fall through. So, maybe to solve that problem I found a broken pot so I just took a hammer and smushed it into pieces and I'll stick some of these pot shards in the bottom so it will have good drainage on the bottom but hopefully it prevents our mix from falling through. So, now lets try that, Ah Ha, nice, oops, a little bit. Maybe I need to put some more shards in but you get the idea.