Planting Bean Seeds

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Plant bean seeds as early as April by using a greenhouse and preparing to transplant beans as they grow too large indoors. Get tips for planting bean seeds from a professional permaculture gardener in this free video on mass propagation of food crop... View Video Transcript

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So now we've created some incredibly delicious potting soil that any one of these seedlings would love to live in and develop into. Add we have a whole variety of things we can do with it, in the next few demonstrations I'm going to show you some of the planting options that we have with this beautiful soil. Now I must note that this is not sterile soil, this has some garden soil in it, and there may yet be some weed seeds, and there may yet be some spores from damping off disease, which is a big problem for little seedlings. However, some of the seeds that we want to plant, like thee bean seeds, they are large hardy seeds, and they're not going to suffer from damping off, so I would be real confident in planting several pots of bean seeds. Now you might ask being April 21st, isn't it too soon to be planting beans. And if you didn't have a solar hoop house, a solar greenhouse like we do, it would be. But these beans will be given lots of time to develop and grow inside the hoop house, and so forth, they'll have time to wait it out until spring turns into summer. Beans of course being a very hot loving crop. Now these aren't just any beans, we've grown pole beans for years, but these are beans from the kingdom of Buton. They're pole beans that are revered in Buton, their name is pothom, and they were brought back to us, in fact smuggled back to us by someone who brought them into the country. And we're going to plant five there, and five here, and that'll give them a head start. Now of course these beans can't mature completely in these little pots. But as I was saying before, many vegetables, in fact many plants, do not need a lot of space, until they are at the final end of their growth cycle. So these guys can germinate, and get the 2, 3, 4 week head start that we want them to get, and then we'll deal with their transplanting issues later. Again, these are pole beans from the kingdon of Buton.