How to Grow Grass in Texas

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To grow grass in Texas, pick a native turf grass, consider watering availability, lay down at least 6 inches of soil, and aerate the lawn once a year. Keep a consistent mowing schedule and fertilize grass in Texas three times a year with advice from a... View Video Transcript

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I'm Bill Elzey with Showplace Lawns. How to grow grass in Texas. Well, with our climate change and our soils around here that's not always a very easy thing to do. But what you need to consider is your watering availability. St. Augustine is going to require a lot more watering than some of the native turf grasses. Bermuda is going to require a lot of watering, more so than some of the native turf grasses. So the first thing to consider is your watering availability. And with our rainfall seeming to be getting scarce, it's going to depend on other abilities to keep things growing. But to grow the grass what you would need is at least six good inches of soil. Soil mixed with organic matter and compost to really get your turf established. Once it is either grown from seed or laid with sod and the roots have established themselves, the lawn needs to be aerated once a year. The aeration is going to allow air to the roots of the grass because that's where the grass does it's breathing. It's also going to allow for fertilizers to get down better and also give you a nice path for water. At the same time because of the aeration pattern like this, will help to dry the soil and keep it from having a fungus problem and other diseases because of the air flow. After aeration, you will fertilize it three times during the year, April, June, and early to mid October. Do not use a high nitrogen fertilizer. Do not need twenty something nitrogen in the spring. Six, eight or nine will do you fine... and that's on your nitrogen numbers. The other thing is back to the watering schedule. Ideally, grass wants to be watered once every five days, allows for the water to penetrate all the way through, the roots to stretch, go looking for it, thus building a deeper root system. Five days, if you can push it to six or seven in the summer, you'll be even better for that. Grass absorbs more water when it's actually a little on the dry side than it does when it's not. A proper mowing height, a regular mowing schedule... you can try a mowing schedule of once a week through the spring, then go to once every two weeks in the summer, come back to maybe once every week during the fall. Mowing probably from April through October, maybe late March time frame. Top dress it in the late fall from the time period of Thanksgiving to Valentines day, those will help that turf grass to grow. So, you'll aerate it, you'll fertilize it, you'll top dress it, you'll water it properly, and you'll mow it. And the mowing needs to be done always with a very sharp blade. So five good things to grow grass in Texas.