How to Plant a Kitchen Herb Garden

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When planting a kitchen herb garden, make sure there is access to a sunny window and that containers are the appropriate sizes. Grow herbs in a kitchen garden and remember to switch them out with tips from an experienced gardener in this free video on... View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda from And in this segment, we're going to learn all about how to plant a kitchen herb garden. Now, herbs are one of the delights of cooking, and there's so many different mixes and different uses for any type of herb, but they're also easy to grow inside. The most important thing that you need if you're growing herbs inside is a sunny window. So either a east or a west facing seems to be best, but any window that has a lot of natural sunlight coming in, and especially, if you have more than one window in a room, it helps a lot. And another key to growing herbs inside is to have some other light. So if you have a light that you use in your kitchen at night, it's always nice to have herbs underneath that light. They'll do really well. When you're deciding what type of herbs to use in your kitchen garden, always look in your cabinets and find the plants that you use the most in cooking. And so I particularly like thymes and spearmints and tarragon. And when cook...when putting a container together inside, try not to pick herbs that get too tall. I found my rosemary plant and the larger ones, it gets pretty big. So if you're starting with the plants, make sure they are smaller plants. Never select larger plants, and you'll find that they do much better. Now, I love these containers that have all the different compartments, and that way, I can have six or seven different herbs in a very small area. And when you plant them, it's easy. You can either start the seeds right into the container -- just sprinkle some seeds in there and put some potting soil right on top, just like maybe an inch layer. Or I like to purchase them when they're already growing. So it's just a set of roots, so when I'm planting, too, I like to take the roots out and maybe separate it a little bit so that they can get some fresh growth and pretty much just set it right into the other dirt. And set it in, and then put a little bit of dirt to fill in around. And it's very simple to do to start your own herb garden, and I have found that almost any kind of herb will grow inside. And they do get larger over the years, so I always make sure and switch them out as they grow. And whenever plants turn brown a bit, I'll trim that part of it out. But with this nice indoor herb garden, I can have my spearmint and add that to some iced tea, I could put some thyme with my chicken, and I have can oregano with my spaghetti sauce. And I have a wonderful dinner that I can enjoy from my own herb garden.