How To Dry Fresh Herbs

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After you have grown an abundance of herbs, you’ll want to put it up for the season, and give to your friends and family, and might even want to sell some. But these are the ways that I harvest and dry herbs. Basically, twice a year, I trim the herb plants. And I have a real nice pair of kitchen scissors, or I can use garden snips. And I trim the herbs, and I either- depending on the quantity- I either lay it out on a big piece of fabric to dry, or I put it in a bowl like this and turn it periodically. You can see this side is dry and now this is green. And so, I just keep turning it so that it keeps drying on all sides. Some of the herbs that I’ve already dried are- these are actually seeds- these are dill seeds, about two quarts of dill seeds that I’ve just harvested. And the only thing that I have left to do now is to take these stems out and then put them in some mason jars. And, last year when we made pickles, we could not find dill seeds anywhere in our town, and so we decided to grow some, and this is the result- two quarts, first season. Ok, and other herbs are- this is from my sister-in-law’s bay laurel tree. And I have some of the seeds in here that I intend to plant- it is a beautiful tree. And of course, bay laurel is great for soups and different things- spaghetti. Then we have marjoram. I harvested this- when I harvest the herbs, I dry them and I put them in a container, and I mark on them when they were harvested and dried and that way I know the age of them. And this came from our land in Mexico, and it’s marjoram. And here’s some parsley that I just harvested from a friend’s garden. Parsley harvested five-oh-five. And this is oregano- organic oregano, harvested. This is an oil that is made out of comfrey and olive oil. So I took the fresh comfrey leaves and put them in a pan with olive oil and cooked them in a double boiler and then poured the liquid off for this comfrey olive oil.