How to Re-Turf Bare Patches in a Lawn

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Re-turf bare patches in a lawn by raking over the area, bringing in new soil, and then either seeding the area or laying down sod. Avoid packing the soil down, and water new sod or grass seeds frequently, with advice from a professional landscaper in... View Video Transcript

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I'm Bill Elzey with Show Place Lawns. How to re-turf bare patches in a lawn. Re-turf can be one of two things, you can either seed it with some good grass seed, or you can lay sod. St. Augustine, Sogia grass, Bermuda grass all come in sod. Bermuda grass comes in seed. So you have a choice. What you want to do though, you want to prepare that spot or those areas, rake it out, get it loose or dig it up. Bring some new soil and compost in. Maybe mix a little sand in with it. Rake it over your area and then either do the seeding process with a fertilizer spreader or lay some sod down and make sure that the sod fits together really tight you don't want to leave gaps in that sod. The other thing when laying sod you want to lay your sod like you are laying brick. You want to lay one row and then it's offset the next one, the third row matches the first row. And that's how you want to lay the sod. The other thing after you get it in, don't roll it with the roller because you don't want to compact the surface. You want to leave it where the roots can get into the soil and start growing. You don't want compaction ever on your grass. Put the sod down, walk on it and then start watering it. With the seed once you get the seed out, walk around on it to get that in to the soil and start watering that. So how to re-turf those areas, seed or sod.