Part 2: Tools Used in Vegetable Gardening

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Hi! My name is Scott Reil and on behalf of I will like to talk to you about vegetable gardening. Hi! In the previous piece we talked a little bit about some of the tools that you need to really digging in and setting up your garden initially. But you need to be able to take care of the garden after you've got it all set up and there is some tools that I find invaluable for taking care of those jobs. First of all are the smaller hand tools in my garden where I have done a good job of establishing a organic soil that is nice and loose, friable as we say, I don't need a lot of really big digging tools. I can get most my weeding cultivating and other chores taken care of with just a few hand tools. Probably my most important hand tools that I use in the garden are my garden shears, and these go with me everywhere whether if I'm working in the vegetable garden or on my trees and shrubs or in my perennials or my even my bonzi. These are the gardeners best friend. So don't skimp on this purchase I got good old fashion Feldco number 2. I swear by them and so does most of the professionals garden world. This is the old stand by buy good pruners. Now when it comes to cleaning up in the garden you got to pick a few different tools to help you with that now they call this one a long rake a lot of time but I use this one in the garden quiet a bit, it is great for cleaning up when I have weeded out of weeds and left a big pile. When I do weed out those weeds and leave a big pile the best thing for picking them up is a manurer fork. Sure it is a ugly name but it is good for moving that stuff around to but it is also great for compost, great for moving piles of mulch, it is one of those tools that I find a lot of people don't have in there repertoire but could really use. The other kind of fork that I find important in the garden is a digging fork, and a digging fork is a great way to be able to go in and harvest plants like potatoes or sweet potatoes or onions. It is also a good plant for digging and dividing perennials. So, it's another tool that should be in your repertoire and often find missing and then there is the garden rake and we call this a garden rake for a reason. This is definitely a tool for raking out the gardens when you are finish prepping those beds. Maybe that pile of weeds have gotten really big and you really need the tool to go in after it this is the one. This is going to help keep those beds level and straight, help keep that surface nice and smooth and help you rake out all those bumps that you might run into in to in the garden.