Railroad Ties for Vegetable Garden

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Learn about raising beds with railroad ties for spring vegetable garden in this free gardening video from a horticulture expert. View Video Transcript

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Hello everybody I am David Rodriquez, horticulturist with Texas Agri-life Extension service on behalf of Expert Village and we are going to show you some gardening steps in preparing your vegetable garden for the spring planting. A lot of people as mentioned, we like to go to raised beds as we have raised beds such as this nice strawberry bed here. A lot of people like to use railroad ties for instance, they are a little bit heavier, but they are more durable and they hold quite a bit of good soil as these strawberries are very happy in these beds they will be producing in April or May, beautiful white flowers on the strawberries. Railroad ties like this, you would fill it up with a lot of rural enriched premium garden mix and then that is it. Every so often when you do a new fall or spring planting and you change your vegetables out or herbs then you just incorporate another little bit of compost. Compost is a good key of successful gardening here.