Light Requirements for Cactus and Succulent Plants

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Learn about the light requirements for cacti and succulent plants with tips from an expert in this free gardening clip. View Video Transcript

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Alright, so now we have all our pots planted and where do we put them, what kind of light do they need? Generally I would put the cactus in the sunniest window, probably like a south facing window, they're going to want a lot of sun. These fleshier leaves are, in nature, they're around more water so they're a little more tolerant of lower light. They would take full sun, but if you had them in an East window they would grow just fine, too. So, either or. These plants, because they like so much light, you could grow them inside or out. I would probably get them rooted a little better before I put them outside, but they would grow just fine on your patio or on the window sill. Of course, when it got a little cooler you would have to bring them inside because in Massachusetts they're not hard and they would definitely die on the first frost. So, if you hear there's a frost you'd have to take them in right away.