Watering Spring Vegetable Garden

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Hello everybody I am David Rodriquez, horticulturist with Texas Agri-life Extension service on behalf of Expert Village and we are going to show you some gardening steps in preparing your vegetable garden for the spring planting. Watering your vegetables is a very important success to your vegetable garden. You have got to have water; plants need water as well as nutrients through fertilizer to make them grow successfully as well as make them produce as vegetables are considered short-term crops. We can see that we have a particular system here, nothing fancy, just PVC pipe that has little perforations in it that will irrigate your plants. You always want to use a minimum amount of water on the foliage of any plant, because you do not want to make it prone to insect or disease problems, especially disease problems so always make sure that you have a water source, make sure that you water your vegetable plants in thoroughly and keep them on the mulch, on the moist side. In lieu of any rainfall most vegetables gardens will need about an inch of watering every week.