Growing Organic Vegetables in a Raised Bed Garden

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Raised beds are great for organic vegetable gardens because they are soil-focused and allow a healthier, fluffier soil for the plants to rely upon. Use compost in a raised bed to improve soil structure with help from an organic farmer in this free video... View Video Transcript

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Most people know that organic vegetables means that it doesn't have pesticides or herbicides or fertilizers on it but what does organic mean? I'm Jarrett Man from Stone Soup Farm and I'm here to talk about how to grow organic vegetables in a raised bed garden. Raised beds in your garden are very good for organic because they are soil focused and they allow a much healthier fluffier soil to be in your garden bed which the plants rely on more than the chemicals that come out of conventional agriculture. To make a raised bed you take well tilled soil and mound it like that, make it nice and leveled out with a rake and try not to walk on it. You want to keep it nice and fluffy as much as possible because that is really going to help your organic plants. Before you rototill the best thing you can do by far the best is to add lots of compost. Compost is an organic grower's best friend because it improves soil's structure and it makes the soil a lot healthier in general rather than contributing specific nutrients like chemical fertilizers too. So you want to have nice black rich soil in your raised beds and keep it nice and fluffy. Raised beds also make it a lot easier to weed by hoeing or with a trowel or something which is also important because you haven't used any chemical herbicides which means you are probably going to have quite a lot of weeds in your garden bed. I'm Jarrett from Stone Soup Farm and that's how to grow organic vegetables in a raised bed garden.