About Tree Ferns: What Are They?

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Hello! My name is Reggie Whitehead. Today I am going to be speaking with you about growing tropical ferns courtesy of the Tropical Fern Exotic Plant Society and on behalf of expertvillage.com. Another group of plants I like to talk about are the tree ferns. Tree ferns even though they are big like angieoferst ferns are entirely of a different family. They are perhaps 250 to 300 tree ferns that are by tropical and subtropical and they are some hardy tree ferns around the world but the ones that you see here are the ones that are tropical and are subtropical in nature and these are what we grow here in South Florida. This particular tree fern is something that was grown from spore and it is a baskering tree fern that spores were sent to me by someone in New Zealand and it is called Sathya PNG orange giant. PNG stands for Pockwood New Guinea Orange Giant and what that orange giant refers to at the back number one is going to be an enormous fern as it gets older but the scales with the hairs of the plant which are located in here will be a nice red orange color.