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From a shovel and spade to a rake and pruning tool, find out what basic gardening tools you'll need to get started planting and caring for your fruit trees in this free online gardening and tree cultivation instructional video. View Video Transcript

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Hi, I’m Gale, and I’m here to talk about fruit trees. These are fruit trees that you can plant in your home garden. The first thing I want to show you are the tools that I use to plant the fruit trees. When I’m working in my home garden, the first thing I want to do is use these flags to put a marker where I’m going to put a tree. And then I just kind of look at it for a couple of weeks to determine if I like that spot for the design- for my garden design. And then, the next thing is I dig the hole. And to do that I use these post-hole diggers. On a fruit tree, you want the hole to be as deep as the root ball and three times as wide. So I do that with this, get it started with that and then just use a standard shovel to go around the edges of the hole and get all the dirt out. And then after the hole is empty I add compost to some of the dirt I’ve taken out of the hole. So the other thing you want is- this is my favorite garden tool. A spade that I use for mixing, for weeding- I use this for every part of gardening and installing landscape. Then I’ve got a rake to clean up my mess at the end. This is my other favorite tool- those two are my favorites- and this I use to cultivate, to mix the soil; this is a very handy tool. And these are my garden gloves. I prefer the type that have rubber on one side- keeps my hands dry and the rubber lasts a long time, and it actually doesn’t feel bad on your skin. Fruit trees require pruning, so I have- this is the main pruner that I use, pruning tool. And then for the high branches, this is another one I use. And you untie this string and you pull the string and it manipulates the saw, so it’s a saw for high branches. And those are probably more tools than you need, and that’s all I use.