Growing Leptospermum Plants

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Growing and caring for Leptospermum plants requires planting them in full sun to partial shade. Learn how to grow Leptospermum plants in this free video on gardening. View Video Transcript

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Hi I'm Stan DeFreitas "Mr. Green Thumb" for On Gardening. One of the newer plants that really has taken off is the Lepto we call it and the Lepto has these beautiful little pink blossoms that tend to be covered about ten months of the year. Leptospermum I think is the Latin name for it and it's one that we see growing in full sun to partial shade. Now this plant is nice and full and it has blooms on all the terminal growth. A good bloomer type fertilizer, probably about every two months in a high light area, maybe about every three or four months in a low light area and remember of course that some of the bloomer type fertilizers will be a little higher in the second and third number. When you plant this make sure that's it's in a good peaty type soil, they really like a good organic base soil and they'll do better for you when you, when you plant it. Make sure it's planted at the same depth level that was growing in this particular container or the container you buy. You can get bigger containers and smaller ones of this plant. Remember that the smaller the container the more frequently you have to water. The Lepto's are plants that flower ten months of the year and it will make a nice addition in your landscape. For On Gardening I'm Stan DeFreitas "Mr. Green Thumb".