Weed Control Tips for Your Vegetable Garden

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Hi! My name is Scott Reil and on behalf of expertvillage.com I will like to talk to you about vegetable gardening. One of those chores that comes up in every garden is weeding. Weeds happen. Weeds don't necessarily mean that you are doing anything wrong sometimes it can mean that you are doing everything right. But they have to go. Weeds are going to challenge your plants for nutrients, for water, for growing space, those are the three things that your vegetables need to do well. So what are some easy quick ways to do your weeding that aren't going to make you crazy. Well there is the good old fashion way hand pulling actually getting down there pulling it out each and every weed but the roots and you could see there in the 15 seconds that I was just working I cover 6 square inches. This isn't really time effective. My favorite tool to take care of the weeding job is the double action hoe. The hoe lets me get right down into the soil and grab those weeds that are cropping up and cut them off. Now it cuts them off right at the root so that root is still down there it is going to regrow but because this is so quick and so easy I can come out and use this for 5 or 6 minutes everyday and it keeps my weeds knocked down where eventually they get sick of trying and expire. The other way to really take care of those weeds and keep them down before they get started is mulch. Now this is my unfinished compost it is most of the way finished from last year but it is not as finish as the stuff that I get out of my compost tumbler. But before I even get it to that point what it does make is a wonderful garden mulch. It is actually feeding and improving the soil as I put it down and it is creating a bare area that makes it harder for those weeds to germinate and it keeps the moisture in my soil. So with a little pro active work with your hoe, with some mulch, you could keep weeds to a minimum in your garden without having to resort to chemical meads and that is important especially in the vegetable garden that you eat out of.