Understand Popular Gardening Tools

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Shovels, irrigators and watering devices are popular gardening tools that can be essential to garlic's growth. Learn more in this free educational video series. View Video Transcript

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Some of the tools you are going to find invaluable in growing garlic or just about anything, is the garden fork, which is seen, excellent for turning the soil over or harvesting the garlic, you are going to use that. Incorporating the cover crop. The rake for smoothing the bed out. Incorporating cover crop seed. This giving you a nice surface to plant on to. The hoe, the Collinear hoe. The one I like to use has a very small blade. It allows you to work standing up, the long handle. You just slice the roots when they are young. The earlier you can get weeds, before you see them even. The quick cultivating is a lot easier than pulling out big weeds later. And another thing I like to use, especially in the garlic where the rows are close together is what I call Little Bo Peep, but I am sure it has some other name. It's nice for going down the row. I use it to mark out the rows so that I can plant in straight rows. Then you come back later and it is great for getting in between there. Then in between the plant after the plant comes up. It goes nice and deep. It will go 8 inches deep just by pulling. Also has a little copper rivet that gradually wears off and adds a little bit of copper to your soil, which is essential micro-nutrient. Just over time using it, that wears off. It provides about all the copper you really need in your soil.