How to Get Grass to Grow Under a Tree

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Get grass to grow under a tree by putting 2 or 3 inches of compost and a lot of grass seeds in the area, and watering it frequently. Plant grass under a tree at the edge of where the roots end using information from a sustainable gardener in this free... View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this section we are going to talk about how to get grass to grow under a tree. Now that has been a dilemma that everyone has faced. I know I've faced it many times. And there's one conclusion that I've come to realize and that is if grass or weeds will grow naturally in an area, I can get a nice lawn to grow in that area. And especially if you start watering that area, cause a lot of times you think nothing will grow there, under the trees because it's so dry and it just looks dead. But you got to realize there's no water falling to the ground in that area. So by watering intensely you can get grass to grow. So an easy trick that I would use for this area, this is totally natural we haven't done anything with it. And this big pine tree I would say right around the roots, so I wouldn't try to grow grass right on top of the roots, the tree needs to breath, it needs those roots. But at the edge of the baseline of those roots where you can see some of the weeds coming up, you can start your grass there. An easy trick would be to just get lots of compost or potting soil and cover the whole area one or two inches. And in the late spring or early fall, when the nights are still warm and the days are warm as well I would just put lots of grass seeds. Perennial grass seed over the area. Water it very well, at least two to three hours at a time a few times a week and I bet within a month I would have a lush green grassy area right here. So just by adding some compost and some grass seed to this area in the late spring or the early fall and then watering it intensely this area could become very lush. In fact there is some grass growing and I bet by setting some sprinklers out here within a couple of weeks if I just watered it a couple of times a week, it will be lush and green.