How to Make Wheat Grass Grow Faster

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The best way to make wheat grass grow faster is by providing a very warm temperatures and full sun, or artificial light. Consider trimming wheat grass back occasionally to encourage growth with help from a sustainable gardener in this free video on... View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we are going to learn all about how to make wheat grass grow faster. Now wheat grass is one of the most nutritional plants that you can eat and it is all the rage and whether you are feeding it to your pets or you are crushing it up and making it into a drink wheat grass is very healthy for you and your animals. This particular variety is sold at pet stores and so you just add water and it immediately starts growing and so you can just trim off a little bit of it and feed it to your hamsters or your dogs or your cats and it is very nutritious for them or you can take it for yourself as well. Now to make it grow faster there is a few tricks. So basically wheat grass is like any other grass in your lawn or your garden and as long as it has got sun and it has got heat it will grow and so when you are growing it in the house, the only way to grow it quicker is to warm it up a bit so put it in your warmest room or put it in artificial light or give it more heat in any way but yet you don't want to cook it either, you don't want it to get it too hot so that it cooks. So just by putting it in the warmest room or putting it under a light at night so that it is growing 24 hours a day you can get it to grow quicker. Now I don't recommend using any fertilizers and don't use any type of compost or any type of manure or anything like that because in the end good compost soil is the key and all the nutrition that it needs and all those other items will not make it grow quicker. The only way to make it grow quicker is to warm it up or give it more light and also by trimming it back here and there it will encourage it grow more too and a lot of times it will grow to a certain length and just kind of stall because it is kind of going through its cycle and it is going to go to seed so if you start a new growth too by just starting the seeds again and giving it a lot of heat and a lot of water and drying it out in between the wheat grass will grow very quickly again. So you can't really make it grow much quicker than it is growing already but you can try warming it up a bit giving it more artificial light at night, give it light 24 hours a day or if it is getting to the point where it is just not growing any more it is probably at the end of its cycle. So just start a new group of wheat grass and it will grow really quickly again.