How to Buy Mulch

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Buying mulch for a lawn is important because it holds moisture in the soil. Find out other reasons why mulch is important with tips from a landscaping expert in this free video on lawn and garden care. View Video Transcript

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I'm Bill Elzey with Showplace Lawns. Want to talk to you about mulch today. Putting mulch in your garden areas. You do this for three different reasons. You do this to hold the moisture in the soil, to keep the soil temperature cooler, which is going to help the roots to be more active, and also to keep the weeds down. There are several different varieties of mulch on the market. Cypress mulch, pine, hardwood and cedar. In my opinion, the cedar mulch is the best because in addition to those three things that it does, it does a fourth thing for you. And that is it's a natural insecticide. Ideally you would like to put the mulch down as thickly as possible. On average you're going to come with about tow inches in depth. To figure your amount, multiply your areas that you that you are going to mulch, length X width to get your total square footage. Multiply that by 2 inches depth, divide that by 324. That will give you the total cubic yards of material that you need. Mulch comes two ways. It comes bagged or it comes in bulk form. Buying it in bulk form where you put it in your pick up or your trailer, the total cubic yard is what you need to know. If you're going in the bag form, like this bag which is 2 cubic feet, you're going to average 13 of these bags for every yard of material needed.