How to Plant Grass

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The best time to put grass seed down is in the fall, when the nights are still warm, or in the spring, when the night's start to warm up. Rake in grass seeds after placing them in the dirt with help from a sustainable gardener in this free video on... View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment we're going to learn all about how to plant grass. Now, this was a little flowerbed this summer that we decided that we didn't want right here because it's too hard to mow around, and so we want to put some grass seed on it. Now, the best time to put your grass seed down is either in the fall when the night's are still warm, not getting too cold, or in the springtime when the night's start warming up a little bit. You don't want any frost at all, and you want to have a chance for that grass to grow quickly. So, there's a few things that you can do to make the grass more successful. So, you could just put the grass seed right down onto the dirt, but I found it's best to rake it in, so by just diggin' the dirt up a little bit and evening it out your grass'll be more even, and it'll have somethin' to grab onto. So, we have great soil here, but if I had just sand or a lot of clay I would turn around and put some compost down on top so that the grass would have somethin' to grow onto, but since we have great soil I can use this soil just as it is.So, an easy trick is to work up the area, make sure that the dirt is real loose and the grass has somethin' to grow onto. And so, it's easy just to sprinkle the grass seed right over the entire area very thick, because you want the grass to grow in very thick, and by growing it in very thick, then by dropping it into the area very thickly, and then watering it it'll grow quite quickly. So, the best time is in the spring or the fall, cause' then you don't really need to water, and I always like the nights where it's a little bit foggy or a little bit misty, and that's the best time to start your grass. And once you've dropped the grass seed you can use a spreader, or you can just throw it out pretty evenly. Then, you just turn around, and then you just rake it in again. And just by taking your grass and raking it really well, grass seed into the dirt, you will find that the grass will come up very quickly. You never want to let it dry out completely. You want to keep it on the moist side, but yet you don't want it sitting in a bog of water either cause' that'll kill your grass. So, once I grass seed everything it just kind of comes up on its own. And right now it's December; it's freezing at night just barely, so it's not the best time to start my lawn. I'm going to wait until at least April or even into May when the nights start warming up, and the grass'll come up and grow lush. And by next summer you won't even know that this spot was here.