Harvesting Cilantro Seeds (Coriander)

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Coriander is the seed of the cilantro plant; both coriander and cilantro are used as spices for cooking a variety of food. Learn how to harvest your own cilantro or coriander seeds in this free online gardening video from a professional organic gardener. View Video Transcript

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And the first seed that we’re going to harvest today is cilantro. The seed, when you harvest seeds, you want it to dry on the plant. And you can see this plant right here is well dried. This was a cilantro plant. And so, all of these little balls on the end are the seed, which are also called coriander. And to harvest it- you don’t want the seed to fall off when you harvest it, and this seed is so dry that it would be very easy for it to fall off. So I’m going to cut the plant at a place that’s not going to shake the plant. So I’ll cut it down low. And take those seeds and put them in a paper sack before they fall off. And I’ll put them in there to finish drying. And now what I want to do is label the sack “cilantro” and the date, and the location.