Preparing Soil for Gardening

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Prepare soil for gardening by working in quality compost with the soil, adding lava rock and decomposed granite to the top of the soil, and avoiding tilling until it is ready to plant. Try to keep as much moisture as possible in soil before gardening... View Video Transcript

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I'm Bill Elzey with Showplace Lawns. How to prepare, prepare the soil for gardening. First thing you want to be sure of that you have an alive soil. Over time, soil tends to lose it's energy, so to speak, it's life. So therefore, the first thing you want to do is add a good compose to it every year. Dig that compost in, or work it in. Till it if you can to work it together with the soil. After you get that done, you want to add a little green sand which is very high in iron. Just a light dusting of that will work is it works together with the soil and the compost and on top of that, some good lava rock. Again, in a powder form, to dust that across there and mix these ingredients together. Depending on the type of soil you've got, the compost will help with this a little bit, but you also may want to add some decomposed granite, just a little bit to keep, help keep that soil from packing together 'cause you want the soil to stay loose. The compost helps with that. A little bit of decomposed granite will help, too. Not a lot, just want to keep the soil loose. With these ingredients of green sand, lava rock, compost, you've got a good soil base. Work that together. Then try not to till the soil very much until planting because you want to hold as much moisture in that soil that's there. Every time you till it and loosen it up, the the moisture will disperse out into the air and that dries it out. So keep, don't do as much tilling or digging until you need to plant to help hold that moisture in there. So by limiting your tilling, by adding compost, green sand, lava rock and some decomposed granite, these are things that will help make that soil fertile and tillable, loose so that the water will drain, all good things needed in a gardening environment.