Picking Grass & Weeds for Organic Compost

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Weeds are an excellent material to use to create your own organic compost pile, while cleaning up your garden at the same time. Learn to select the right weeds and grass for your compost pile from a professional organic gardener in this free gardening... View Video Transcript

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Alright here's the next ingredient for the compost, which is the weeds. Or the what we call the green material. Now we go into the garden and it doesn't seem to be any trouble finding weeds, there's plenty of them. And when we pull these weeds up, we're again, we're not shaking off the dirt, we're not getting rid of the roots, we're bringing the whole plant the roots and the dirt with us. And we're getting a great balance of these weeds. These weeds, once they're layered in the pile, they will heat up as they're composting down. And that heat will encourage the micro-organisms to enjoy the pile, and devour the pile even further. So this green material is very important in making the compost pile, and making sure that your compost pile is working. And so we want to make sure that you get lots of green material. Another material that can be used if you don't have weeds is grass clippings, anything that's green and fresh will work.