Preparing the Soil: Growing Mexican Heather: Home Gardening Tips & Advice

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Learn how to prepare and enrich the soil for planting Mexican heather in your garden, with beginner tips & advice, in this free home gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Hello! My name is Jose Zuniga and I am representing We've got to prepare the topsoil. As you can see, I've loosened up the soil already. Now we are going to add some topsoil. Just be generous with it all over. When it comes to topsoil, you can put regular topsoil or you can go organic. It's a matter of choice. And of course my little secret, coffee grinds. Just pour them everywhere. You got to be generous with it as well. Get that little acid every where. And of course, we are going to add some of that Christmas wreath as well. Every single corner be sure to get it. Now what is this going to do to the soil? Well it is going to help maintain the moisture and that is exactly what we are looking for. Now we got to mix it all together. Get the shovel. Don't be afraid of it. Just mix it, mix it all. We want to incorporate everything that we just dropped here. There we go, that's what I am talking about for my beautiful plants. There we go, look at that; every single corner. Now analyze, do we need to add more topsoil? If need it, do so. We still got to finish the rest and this is how we prepare our topsoil.