Home Garden Care & Maintenance: Organic Vegetable Gardening Tips & Ideas

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Hello my name is Jose Zuniga and I'm representing expertvillage.com. Well we have planted our plants, we have been weeding them at least once a week, we got our vegetable garden in full force and that is exactly what we want. But you know what maintenance is very critical for this because no good maintenance equals no harvest. Well the main factor that you have to consider is always water your vegetable garden after 6 o’clock in the evening. The reason you do this for your vegetables is if you start watering during the day the roots aren’t going to be able to get a hold of that moisture and the water is just going to go to waste. You don’t want to do that not only that you are going to be losing all the nutrients that they are going to be washed away. Now you can go ahead and add some of that organic plant food, it will be good for you as well. I think that you need to keep in mind that we have in the side make sure they are firm and in shape if you need to add more top soil go ahead and do it reshape them. Reshape them all the time and that’s basically what you need to do make sure that the water bed holds enough water all the time. Easy steps don’t forget that and you will have a wonderful harvest. And this is how do our maintenance for our vegetable garden and you know what this plant needs some more water.