Flower Bed Ideas

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Flower beds can exist in the yard or even in a container, but the proper drainage and high-quality composted soil is important for the best growing results. Create a flower bed in a small or large space with helpful advice from a sustainable gardener in... View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to talk about flowerbed ideas. Now a flowerbed can be anywhere, it can be even in a container and you can have flowers that grow on herbs, you can have bulbs, you can have perennials, you can have annuals, there's all types of different types of flowers. So when you're growing your flowers or deciding on what types of flowers to grow, decide if you have sun or shade or you want large flowers or small flowers, but there's really no exact rules. My attitude is having a garden bed is like throwing a garden party and you want to invite all the plants that you think will enjoy your company and you'll enjoy their company and mix and match them. So in your flowerbed ideas, make sure and put at least three bulbs in a triangle or groups of plants in groups. Make sure you have summer and spring color and fall color so you want to look for great foliage, you want to have tulips and daffodils in the spring and call lilies and lilies in the summer. You want some nice shrubs, you want some nice trees, you can use wood, you can use bricks, you can use pretty much any type of material but make sure you have good, organic soil because good compost or good potting soil is the key to success. You can have vegetables that have flowers or you could just have all types of beautiful perennial flowers. You can attract hummingbirds or butterflies but make sure you can have either one theme too you can have a flowerbed with just all reds or you can have all yellows or all purples, you can have only fragrant flowers, you can have herbs, you can use vegetables that have flowers on them. But whether you have a theme for your garden or if you don't have a theme, there's lots of flowerbed and gardening ideas. And the best idea you can come up with are usually from your friends so the next time you visit someone's house and you enjoy their flowers, ask for a start, it's really easy. Many times it's easy to take a start from a friend then that way you can have a great flowerbed year round.