Garden Supplies & Tools: Organic Vegetable Gardening Tips & Ideas

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Learn about tools & supplies needed to build a home or backyard vegetable garden in this free organic gardening video. Get beginner gardening tips & ideas. View Video Transcript

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Hello my name is Jose Zuniga and I'm representing What materials and supplies do we need in creating our vegetable garden? Don't worry you are not going to go over the budget. Most likely a lot of the supplies are already going to be here at home. Come on, if you have land equals that you have to have a water hose. Now for this project we are going to need some clippers. If you don't have them don't worry. They average about $12. I like to clean as I go, so get a hold of a bucket just a empty container, clean as you go. It makes the project much easier. Now another thing that we need, I'm sure you have it already, is a shovel, we need a shovel. Now we need scissors, you are probably thinking scissors? Well we will be planting today with some scissors coming into the package, and I will explain to you later why these are going to be handy. Now a couple of those pens I know we are not going to school, but trust me for this project they come in extremely handy. Now I know some of you out there I can't handle that dirt, well just get a hold of a pair of gloves it runs between a $1-$2; I personally I like to tackle that dirt. This just gets the work done and enjoy it. Now don't forget we also need this little baby shovel, it comes in really handy. Now most likely you have plants at home, so I'm sure you have water cans that are going to come in really handy as well. What do we need also? Top soil, well topsoil or organic soil, just depending what type of vegetable garden you are going to create today. Now don't for get that some of these vegetables come already in the packages. You know you can buy them by the seed, you can also buy them in the 4 inch containers, even the 1 gallon containers. These are all the materials and supplies that we need for creating our vegetable garden.