Planting Perennial Herbs In Your Garden

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Hi, I'm Scott Reil and on behalf I like to talk to you about perennial gardens. A lot of people seems to think there is a mystery about herbs, that there might be special secrets we need to know but basically you can treat a lot of the herbs just like any other perennials in your garden. Most of the herbs in this area here are perennial herbs and they do come back forming year after year. We would take a look at a couple of different kinds that you can use in your garden and they will come back to you. The first ones are thyme. Thyme is that great scent, that great flavor a Mediterraneans food. I like the English thymes that gives me a great thyme flavor but it is not the only kind of thyme. Another thyme that I'm really fond of is the lemon thyme, thyme citrus odorless. The beauty of this one is not just in that lemony yellow color but it got a lemony yellow flavor to it as well. It really spices up fish dishes and things with a nice clean lemon scent and you don't have to put any lemon into it at all. Well we are talking about Mediterraneans flavors well there is no more Mediterranean herbs then oregano. This is the flavor that makes kids love pizza, really spices up your pasta, it is a great herb and this one is really reliably perennial. Maybe a little to reliable perennial it can really get running around in the garden if you are not careful. Another plant that everybody is really happy that I grow every Thanksgiving is sage. Salvia Leucantha, sage comes back almost like a shrub, it is really to take care of and it grows to be a nice big side in the garden. Plus it got this wonderful gray-green color it really kind of contrast with a lot of the other green colors that we do see in the herb garden. Rosemary's, rosemary's aren't generally perennial up and around the neck of my woods. My dad on the other hand has a mountain of shrubs in his yard in Tunisian and there is time that I live down there so I could grow it cause it is really one of my favorites. It is a fantastic flavor on poultry or beef it is a really strong flavor it stands up to everything. This year I had tried one called hills hardy and supposedly this one is going to be harvesting in my neck of the woods, we would see I killed a couple of rosemary's out here already experimenting. But wish me luck. Here is another one that I don't need to worry about much it is Artemisia Dracunculoides it is a Russian tarragon now this one is coming back in it's second year and I think it is really going to be a star. I have seen this one grow big in a shurby kind thing it is a zone three hardy plant so I never have to worry if that one is going to come back for me. Even the roughest winter is not going to give me a problem. So think about perennial herbs for your perennial garden or for your herb garden, they are easy to grow, they are great addition to your cooking and everybody would think that your a culinary whiz when they taste how wonderful your dishes taste with fresh herbs.