How to Mix Soil for House Plants

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All right there is a lot of different types of soil mixes on the market that you can buy for your plants and all of them are going to affect the watering differently. This is a nice light mix. It's made with peat, pearl light and it's very light. It's very airy and it's not going to be very airy. You can probably hold on to water medium amount and this will probably be the best mix in propagation. This is a typical potting mix where it has peat, pearl light and bark. The peat holds onto water. The pearl light will add little aeration and the bark also it holds onto water and it's good for aeration of the roots. This is a sand mix that we use with cactus succulent and you can see that is a lot of sand in it and it is not going to hold onto a lot of water. It is going to drain very rapidly. Then we have a much heavier mix which is our perennial mix and there is a lot of chunks of bark in it. We also get the peat and the pearl light but the bark is really going to hold onto some water and add a lot more air. So this is going to be a lot wetter than this. This will stay wet and that is going to dry out.