Tools for Lawn & Garden Care

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Learn what lawn care and garden tools needed to maintain your lawn and garden in this free lawn care video clip. View Video Transcript

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Hello! My name is Jose Zuniga and I am representing You are probably asking yourself this question. What materials, tools and supplies do we need? Don't worry. I will guide you step by step. First of all, you need yourself. You need energy. Energy for this wonderful project for today. We need a lawnmower. Today we happen to use an electrical one and of course we are going to need an electrical cord. We have our mulch here, our topsoil and we also have an electric trimmer. We are going to trim all the edges on this project. We are going to need a dust pan, we are going to need an outside brook and we also have gloves for you who don't want to battle with the dirt, our recycle container as well; recycle, recycle those greens and as always we need our coffee here. We need our acid for our plants. Now, a pair of scissors, small shovel. We are going to need a spray container which contains water with Ivory soap. I've discussed that before and I will tell you why we are going to need that. And of course for ourselves for the project, we need water, water. We need those liquids throughout the project. Now don't forget that we need the rake, garden hose and of course, a big shovel. This is basically what we need. Oh, let's not forget. We also need a water hose. It's going to be very very handy at the end of the project. So any other ideas? Oh, you might need your hat. Don't forget for this project as well. And these are the tools and supplies that we need for this project.