Using Fertilizer for Growing Alligator Jaw Plants

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After transplanting and water in order to promote growth and get the plant growing and up to size as big as some of the ones seen in some of the previous clips, you will probably want to fertilize. This particular product is organic and you can use a follier feeding, you can use for soil treatments, you can use on house plants and you can use it on fresh transplants. So a product like this is probably something that you want to use on the young plants because heavy duty fertilizers that are just designed for established plants are too hot and they can burn the feeder roots off of a plant that is trying to establish a root system. A cutting or these tiny transplants have small root systems and very fineries so strong fertilizer concentration will burn them right off the plant and sometimes you can even kill them because you've burned up the fine feeder roots which actually feed the plant especially in the early days to establish the larger roots which then will carry on. This particular product like I said is organic and you will put it in your water when you are watering on a weekly basis according to labor recommendations. It has a mechanism to measure you know ounces and you put it in your watering water and when you go around the house and you sprinkle it on there. If it gets on the leaves fine, it goes into the leaves. If it saturates the soil fine, it goes into the soil and you end of feeding it through the roots and you don't take the chance of burning up the fine feeder roots.