Spring Gardening Gifts for Children

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Spring gardening gifts for children can include seed trays, starter seed mixes, shovels or plants that are already growing. Get a child to help with basic gardening in order to create fond memories with ideas from a sustainable gardener in this free... View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to talk about spring gardening gifts for children. Now children love gardening just as much as adults do and it's a great way that you can spend time with your kids and enjoy the seasons and give them a purpose because I have found just by giving a child one flower bulb, it's just the highlight of their day to come home from school and watch it grow. So there's so many different types of plants that you can give to your children or share with your children. And there's really no limit to your imagination. So by just giving your child a seed tray and some seeds and taking the time to plant them together with some seed starter mix, you can start a tradition with your family and then that way it's a joy that you will pass on to the next generation. And you can always make it fun too by just taking different items around the house if you've got a shovel for sand and maybe a little bucket, you can always turn that into a container and grow seeds in it as well, by just putting some compost or potting soil in it, starting some seeds or putting some bulbs in it, you will find that your children will really enjoy the rewards. And it's pretty easy just having a little daffodil in a pot and giving it to your grandson or even planting it together it's a memory that they are going to keep for the rest of their life. So by giving your kids plants or bulbs or taking the time to spend time with them in the garden, they will create a memory for the rest of their life. And really I have found even though they might wind because they're cold or they might whine because they want to play video games, you will find out by the time that they have their own children, they will remind you of the time that you spent with them planting the tulips in the front yard and what a special memory it was for them.