Dealing with Invasive Plants in a Garden

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This is a beach vitex and it has a tendency to want to spread out rather than up. And left to its own devices, it would overtake this entire area and I wouldn’t be able to have other plants in here such as a rose and a salvia in the back of it.

So the method here is to take the five gallon plant, bury it in a container that is twice the size- this is a ten-gallon container here. So you would bury this in the ground up to this lip, and then you turn around to fill that partially with soil, take your plant out of the five gallon container and plant the plant inside like this. Then you fill the rest of the container up with your soil, pressing down very well. And there you have a plant inside of a larger container. This will cause the plant to go up instead of going outward. I want it to spend all of its energy in producing blooms for me in a more upright plant. So this way we’re containing it. this method also works very well for mint, because mint is another plant that’s very invasive if left to its own devices.