Using Worms in Organic Gardening

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Using worms in organic gardening is great for aerating the soil, keep the soil active and loose, and helping with composting. Add worms to a garden or lawn after aerating the soil with tips from a professional landscaper in this free video on gardening... View Video Transcript

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I'm Bill Elzey with Showplace Lawns. How to use worms in organic gardening. Worms are a very great necessity. They work in both the lawns and the gardens and they are ideal for your compost bin. That I can't say enough on either one of those. In fact a good fertilizer or a good compost is worm castings which is the feces from the worms plus the worms themselves and so forth. It is really great stuff. What we have done in lawns in the past is when we have aerated we have actually taken the worms physically and kind of thrown them out on the lawn getting them to go within the ground and as we use products like Medina Soil Activator and molasses and seaweed and things that is what feeds them and keeps them going. That is not exactly what they all do but that is part of what the process does and they help keep the soil alive and loose by the worms being active. They do the same thing in the garden by their traveling and stuff, they are churning and keeping the soil loose and that is the prime thing so you don't have the drainage problem and so forth and with their feces matter and when they die off that is fantastic compost so definitely, the other thing is that when you are digging in your gardens or on your lawn if you are doing an edge or something like that and you see worms in there it is also a sign to you that you have very good fertile soil so worms do wonderful things. Their work is unseen by all of us but yet it is seen because without them none of these other processes would work.