How to Plant Trees in a Landscape Design

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When planting your trees and shrubs, they should be planted at key places in your landscape. You do that first. What you do is you dig a hole that is 3 times as wide as the root ball of the tree or shrub you’re planting, and just an inch or two deeper than the root ball. Then you take all the dirt out of that and you put it in a pile beside the hole. Then you mix into that native soil good garden mix and compost. You mix that up and then you put just about an inch or so on the bottom of your hole. Then you place your root ball into the hole. And then you cover it up with the mixture of the native soil and the other soils. The reason you don’t want to put just good soil in the hole is that the tree will become root bound. It will think it’s in a pot, like a potted plant, and it will fill that hole up and it won’t penetrate the other soil.