Growing Herbs: Majorum Herb

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Majorum is an herb used in many fish and chicken dishes that also adds color and texture to an herb garden. Plant majorum in full sun with tips from a horticulturist in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Stan Defreitas, "Mr. Green Thumb". Majorum is an herb that you might wish to grow in your back landscape. Now this one will be used for fish, it can be used for tuna. You can use it for many different dishes. You probably haven't thought of it. Some folks say "well, we've had it in the back of our spice rack forever, how do you use it?" Well, we can break off some of the foliage and simply add it, not only as a garnish but you can also cook with it with some of your dishes as well. Full sun to partial shade. Make sure it gets a good deal of moisture. Yet, of course, like many of the herbs, it has to be well-drained also. Make sure that you give it a good liquid plant food every two to three weeks, usually about half strength. Or, if you use a time released, make sure you add that when you get ready to plant. Majorum is one that you can use in many different dishes. We've mentioned chickens, we've mentioned fish and tuna but it also, of course, makes a nice pretty plant just to have as a nice rock garden plant in your lawn or landscape area as well. Majorum will do well in full sun and it is also is one that you you're going to have that you want to keep pinching so that it keeps spreading more. For "On Gardening", I'm Stan Defreitas, "Mr. Green Thumb".