How to Care for a Flower Garden

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Hello! My name is Jose Zuniga. I am a professional gardener and today I am here to represent We are basically going to discuss the maintenance of the snapdragons. As you know, they love the sun so what that means, is we have to be sure that the soil is extremely moist. One thing that we are going to do first is we are going to check our pots and on this particular pot, we are looking for is we are not going to loosen the mulch, because we are in an enclosed area so the mulch is going to remain there. Since we didn't use organic, this mulch is going to last much longer than organic would. So we are looking at now is if there are any weeds in here. No, because you know I've doing my work every Saturday like I mentioned. Now another thing we can do is any flowers that are dead, just pinch them and remove them because that is going to create a new bloom. This is basically what we are going to do. Also, check for moisture. There we go. Definitely the moisture is there. So remember they love the sun and because they love the sun and even though you have mulch, you still have to water them on a daily basis or you are just going to murder those babies and we don't want to do that. Well that's much for this for the pot. Now for the flower bed what we do is well, is just basically the same procedure. Do we have plenty of mulch? Yes we do. If we don't, we just add a little bit more. Don't forget about the other plants too because keeping mulch complete is going to help everybody. Everybody is going to be happy. Oh, my god! What is this. Look at this. Somebody hasn't been doing their work. Look at this. I'm telling you. Those things are the worst of anything you can have in your flower bed. I've had it! So remember to water your plants every single day and this is how we maintain our snapdragons.