Tips for Arranging Plants in a Garden

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Hi, this is Yolanda VanVeen on behalf of Expert Village. In this series, we're going to talk about flower gardening. So before we even start gardening, we need to figure out how to start gardening. And I equate garding with like having a party. You can have a very formal affair and plant your flowers, and your people and your groups in lines with name tags and have very formal attire and have napkins or you can have a summer bash where you can just invite all the flowers and all your friends over and just put them in groups and let them do their thing. It's not your responsibility for them having a good time. You just kind of let them go. So pretty much how to start is like starting on a party. You can hire a landscaper or you can hire a friend or you can just try to do it on your own. So throwing a party, you can just decide if it's going to be formal as it's going to be very informal. So before you get started, that's how you start. You kind of think about it. Just realize how much ... what's my budget? Do I have time to hire a professional? So once we've decided whether we want a formal or informal garden, if we want a rose garden or a moon garden, then we decide what the purpose is. Are we going to use them for cut flowers, or do we just want to enjoy them on the deck for the summer.