Adding Water & Mulch to Transplanted Plants

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Okay, we're going to water this plant in. We're going to do it with a straight stream, so that we can put a lot of water down around the roots and get the air pockets out. You'll notice that the hole is filling up with water. That's because I have heavy clay soil here. But again, once I force out all the water that gives me good root to soil contact in there. The last thing we need to do to this is probably mulch it. I have a little mulch here in my little bucket, and we'll put some of it around. I've got a few leaves that we collected along with the commercial bark moss. That bark moss, what it will do, it's got a lot of pine bark in it. Over time it will decay and give us a bit of fertilizer, but the main thing it will do is protect from soil evaporization, moisture evaporization, and over time it'll help acidify the soil. This is a highly alkalized soil we have out here and so we can use any enriching we can get. Bark mulch is one of the ways you do it. Once you treat it with bark mulch, over time it helps acidify the soil.