How to Fertilize Centipede Grass

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Fertilize centipede grass by adding more water to the grass during the summer and putting down compost for reseeding in the spring and fall. Avoid using chemicals when the problem can be handled organically with information from a sustainable gardener in... View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we are going to talk about how to fertilize Centipede Grass. If you live in a warm climate Centipede Grass is great because it grows really well and it's kind of crunchy and it just works really well in your garden and it makes a wonderful lawn but what happens is towards the end of the Summer in the heat of the Summer it always turns kind of yellow. So you want to always add fertilizer to it but what I've found you're not really addressing the issue by adding the fertilizer. They're just turning yellow because they are lacking in nutrition more than anything it is the heat and it is kind of the natural cycle so by fertilizing it sometimes it will green up but if you just add a lot more water that helps too, but in the end the best way to take care of your Centipede Grass is to reseed it every Spring and every Fall so when the nights have gotten a little bit cooler in the Fall and you have a little bit of dew coming at night that's the best time to reseed and the same in the Spring when the nights are a little bit warmer and it is still a little bit cooler but you still have a little bit of moisture in the air. You want to have moisture in the air. So you want to put some compost down or potting soil, any type of soil wherever your grass is yellow, just layer a little tiny layer. It doesn't even have to be on top of the grass just work it in to the grass and then reseed the Centipede Grass, reseed and reseed and reseed, three times more than you think you need and if you do that every Spring and every Fall your lawn will stay lush and green and you will never need to fertilize because in the end the fertilizer is not addressing the issue. The plants and the grass need food. You cannot take an anorexic person and give them vitamins, they need real food. You cannot give your lawn fertilizer it needs real food. You're not addressing the issue. So by just reseeding and adding some more soil every Spring and Fall you will have the best Centipede Grass in the neighborhood very naturally.