Reseeding Plants in a Perennial Garden

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Learn about plants that reseed for a garden of perennial plants and flowers in this gardening video from a year-round garden expert. View Video Transcript

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One of the best things about perennials is that each year you will find them enlarging and you can cut them in half and divide them and put them wherever you would like the. And the other nice thing is in this particular garden with just having soil down as oppose to let's say bark mulch, many of these plants in fact will seed. Now this plant here which is just about fading out now but as you can see the honey bees love it, called the exclypeous is one of my favorite plants because it does often send down little babies. Right here if you notice at the bottom, this is one of its little seed. That probably was put down last year and now this is a separate little plant. What I often times would do with this is probably in the fall or in the spring, I'll just take this after I take off this little support system and I'll put a little shovel down there, pick up this plant and put it to another part of the garden where I would like to have this nice orange color. So plants that reseed are definitely beneficial. So this is a nice orange color that is able to reseed. Another really wonderful plant to reseeding is Echinacea or a Coneflower. As you can see up here I have pink Coneflowers there, pink Coneflowers here and this nice little clump of pink Coneflowers where in fact all of these tops of this Echinacea or Coneflower at some point will turn to seed. Now the tricky part is if sometimes if you put them down in the area you want them they may not come back. But sometimes they just drop themselves and then they'll see a new plant next year. So, this is one of those things about reseeding is this plant does reseed. Sometimes you just don't know where it's going to come up and that's an interesting thing too. Or the birds may take them for a little walk. So, seeds that come from the plants are always the best seeds, they bring up good healthy plants and they enjoy being in your garden.