How to Make Compost Tea

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To make compost tea, place store-bought compost or homemade compost in a barrel, add water to the barrel, and then remove the water after it has been sitting in the compost. Use compost tea on perennial plants and vegetables to provide helpful nutrients... View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen. And in this segment we're going to talk about how to make compost tea. Now compost tea is basically the watery part of compost. So whether you buy compost in the bag and stick it in a garbage can, add water to it and take that water back out and put it on your plants, or you make your own compost from your kitchen garbage that can be composted, and leaf and grass clippings, you could also make your own compost tea. And basically you just either have a garbage can that has compost in it, and just put a hole or a spigot on the bottom, and you can just by taking the water out, you can turn around and use that water on your plants as a fertilizer. It's a wonderful fertilizer, and it's black gold. You never want to drink it, and it's not edible, but it's great for roses and other perennials and vegetables, because it has all the nutrients they need. It's very high in nitrogen, and phosphates, and all, everything that they need in their diet. And so it's very easy to make compost tea. There's a lot of different types of contraptions that you can buy that will make it for you, or you can simply just add some of your compost into a barrel with water, and then take the water out and use that. It's as simple as that.