Fertilizer Grades for Gardening

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In this segment we're going to talk about chemical grades or chemical compositions. Generally speaking, when you buy commercial fertilizers especially, and even organics. They tell you how much of the specific plant food types are in the fertilizer that your buying this particular commercial type of fertilizer that I have right here is a 6-7-7. This first number, that number six is how much nitrogen in percentage. In other words it's 6% nitrogen in this bag of fertilizer. There's 7% phosphoresce in this bag of fertilizer. There's 7% of potassium or pot ash in this particular fertilizer. That means that in every 100 pounds there's 6 pounds of nitrogen, 7 pounds of phosphoresce and 7 pounds of potassium. To show you what to do in organic, even over here in bone meal. This is as organic as it gets. Bone meal is a source of phosphoresce and on the label it shows a 0, 10 phosphoresce and 0 pot ash. So it's 10% phosphoresce and nothing else. Here?s blood meal, which is historically has been a source of nitrogen for organic people or for organic farmers and on the back it shows that. 12% nitrogen, 0% phosphoresce and 0% potassium. This is muriative pot ash which I consider to be an organic because this is the stuff that is mined out of the ground. It's dirt folks. There is not nothing done to it but except screen it out and separate it. It's a 0-0-60% potassium. So this is a real concentrate but like I said this is the way it comes out of the ground. Is that organic or not?