Tips for Using Flower Boxes in Gardening

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Hi, my name is Peggy Robertson on behalf of Expert Today in this clip I would like to talk to you a little about flower boxes. Flower boxes come in all shapes and sizes. They come in plastic but I prefer wood. This little box right here happens to be cedar but you can get them in pine and oak. I prefer cedar as cedar is a natural wood that keeps away bugs. Bugs can’t eat cedar. They will die if they eat cedar so it helps keep them away from your plants too. Like all flower boxes wood inherently has seams in it. The holes in the bottom, you can see this hole it fell through, that leaks water and it also leaks dirt. So what we have to do is find a way to keep the dirt in and let the water drain out. What I do is use spoigumois and line the bottom of it with moss and I line the sides of it. I put my dirt in the middle and if I add a water substance to the soil that is even better and then I plant my plant and then I water it. This can hang outside of a window sill. It can be put on the edge of the porch. You can put them just about any place that you want to have plants. Mostly they are hung outside of window sills and you see the beautiful geraniums and the ivy draping over it and it dresses up your window and makes your window say I am happy.