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Making your own cedar mulch can save money and help the environment. Learn to chip cedar and make mulch with tips from a landscaper in this free video on making mulch. View Video Transcript

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Ok what you see here is mulch form the Texas Cedar or Juniper mulch. We have just put it in the chipper shredder and made small pieces out of it. We have too many of these Texas Cedar in this hill country because the land was over graced and more and more cedars were growing. Now a days we try to reduce them so that the native plants can come up again and we can get more grasses growing and we will have more water in the ground. What we do here is we use these cedar mulch and put it on spots where nothing is growing. We cover the bare spots with cedar mulch and caleche and then the cedar mulch will react with the caleche because this cedar mulch, if you were to test it you would find out that it is really acidic. It is a kind of acid like you have in your house similar to vinegar. Acidic cedar mulch and alkaline soil like on the limestone than you create a wonderful new environment for your plants and your plants will grow by themselves. We have been doing this here for twelve years so from experience I can really say that your plants will grow by themselves. Everything you see around me are native plants. We do not seed, buy seeds or spread them out. The only thing we do is we use the cedar mulch, we spread it out and then the native plants come back.