Gardening Supplies for a Corner Garden

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Purchasing gardening tools and supplies from specialty stores, the internet, and landscaping places. Where to buy Vincas, fungus, mulch, and bricks, in this free video on buying gardening supplies for a corner garden. View Video Transcript

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Hello, my name is Jose Zuniga and I'm representing You're wondering where do I buy my materials and supplies? I happen to luck out today, because I happen to have a Mexican Fan Palm next to my house. All I have to do is dig it out, transplant it to its new location its new home and there I have it, a new baby. Now, for you I suggest that you go to one of those specialty stores, one of those landscaping places and they're going to have an abundance and great selection of your palm tree. Another good area to go would be the internet, the internet, trust me it just about have everything that you need. Now when it comes to the vinca plants you can just buy them from the nursery home, your family center, even a yard sale and guess what? The flea market as well. When it comes to your plants like today we're using the vincas, I just checked out the newspaper and they're having a couple of farmer's market, that's a good place to go, mama's and papa's and also the garden centers. While you're there go ahead and purchase your mulch that you need, the top soil and also the plant food that we're going to be needing. Don't forget those bricks and of course your fungus. Now fungus is a little bit more difficult to get a hold of, check the internet or the landscaping specialty store is a good way to get it. Now, if you can't find it don't worry, because I am going to share with you a family secret. Remember the little container I had with water and Ivory soap, we'll go more into detail in reference of that later. What about the rest of the tools, you know the rake and the shovel? Come on, if you're a gardener you most likely have that. However, you're new to this arena a new gardener, just go to your nearest hardware store and you'll find it there and don't forget to also get your bucket, because we have to submerge the plants before we plant them. This is where we get, buy our materials and our supplies for our corner home garden.